The 3 Phases of the History of ADD/ADHD

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Phase 2: The Medical Diagnosis: The Medical Diagnosis of ADD refers to the newer research study which documents that ADD remains in truth a genuine medical condition. New research study in brain imaging, genes and neuropsychology plainly established that people with ADD have differences in their brains ... and these are extremely associated with genes. Thus, ADD has been recognized as a genuine medical condition.

This new stage in the evolution of the medical diagnosis of ADD has led to more clinical research, and more assistance for the medication treatment for ADD. This stage has mainly resulted in considerable development in the field of ADD. It has usually enhanced options for medical and non-medical treatments, and has actually resulted in improvements in working and the lifestyle for those with ADD.

Ideally, this stage of 'medical diagnosis' would have removed the 'moral medical diagnosis'. It hasn't totally eliminated this view' as pointed out above. Almost everyone considers the advancement of the medical diagnosis from an ethical one to a medical one to be significant progress in the field.

Nevertheless, there is a 'dark side' towards the medical diagnosis. The ultimate constraint of this stage of ADD is that the medical diagnosis phase establishes the belief that individuals with ADD are flawed, and they have a pathology which is unfavorable. They have 'deficits'. This leads us to the instructions that the field needs to approach' the natural evolution for ADD:

Phase 3: The Strength Based Diagnosis

This stage in the history of ADD as not yet taken hold. One might state that it remains in reality a paradigm shift' which we promote the field to approach. There are some specialists and professionals out there who are on the 'cutting edge' and are already working in this paradigm. They are typically few and far between. The essentials of the 'strength based diagnosis' include that ADD has presents within it. These are gifts which can be difficult to unwrap, and are based upon the strengths that lots of individuals with ADD have.

While lots of medical diagnoses are considered to have no favorable side (i.e. what is the 'present' of arthritis, or heart disease?), when the diagnosis of ADD is made' because it is in the mind' it remarkably does have presents within it.